Why Should You Hire an Expert Conveyancer in Sydney

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It is crucial to get legal guidance from an expert before you buy your first (or next!) dream home in Sydney. When it comes to helping first-time home buyers or seasoned property owners, our reviews stand for themselves. We are here to provide legal services whenever you want to buy, sell, or transfer a property. With an experienced conveyancer Sydney, you no longer have to think twice about the steps you need to take. We take care of the legal matters while you choose the property you want to buy. 

Our firm believes in one thing: effective communication. We understand that legal terms can often become jargon. You may not be familiar with the terms used in various documents and agreements. And honestly, it’s always best to cross-check what’s written on the contract if you don’t understand something. We make these first steps easier for you as it’s our responsibility to turn complex jargon into simple words. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want to our lawyers, and they will happily answer them one by one.

Our services

We specialize in property law and conveyancing. Conveyancing involves three aspects: buying, selling, or transferring a property. We focus on both residential and commercial property conveyancing in Sydney for investors and owners. Here are some of our conveyancing services that you should know about:

1. Buying a property

Are you looking to permanently become a Sydney resident? Or maybe invest in a property that may provide high returns in the future? We are here to provide the legal help you need to buy your dream home and make it a stress-free process. Some of the conveyancing services that we offer include:

  • Ensuring the protection of your legal rights.
  • Investigating issues associated with the property.
  • Effecting settlement on your behalf.
  • Coordinating with agents, solicitors, and banks to effect the settlement.
  • Calculating financial adjustments, including water, rates, and body corporate levies.
  • Preparing legal documents that ensure transfer of title.

2. Selling a property

If you already have a property in Sydney and want to sell it now, you can contact us to make the process efficient by ironing out the legal matters. One of our lawyers will prepare and review your contract, accept the offer documents from the buyer, exchange contracts, and make the settlement. Although it may seem that you can do these things alone, it is easier said than done. In fact, we offer the following services to make the process of selling your property in Sydney seamless:

  • Confirmation of the property details and your sale instructions.
  • Preparing draft contract for your property’s sale.
  • Attending to tax concession applications and certificates.
  • Organising payout of the existing mortgage.
  • Calculating the rate adjustment.
  • Attending the settlement.
  • Checking the transfer of funds to your bank.
  • Providing a statement of settlement figures that you can keep a record.

3. Transferring a property

Suppose you want to transfer the ownership of your house to your partner or family member. This is usually a complicated process as it involves various legal procedures. But we are here to make those procedures easy for you. A team of experienced lawyers will sit with you and discuss why you want to transfer your property.

People usually transfer their properties when someone dies, for tax purposes, if it’s a jointly owned property, or to set up a trust fund. We want to know the reason so that we can proceed with the paperwork accordingly. Our conveyancer Sydney experts will ask different questions to ensure that they progress in the right direction and the transfer takes place quickly. Here are a few services that we offer in this category:

  • Taking care of stamp duty requirements.
  • Attending the settlement.
  • Speaking to the lender and ensuring that everything is in order.
  • Drafting documents related to the property title transfer.
  • Sending final reports.
  • Lodging necessary forms related to stamp duty.

Conveyancing FAQs

We know that you may have lots of questions in mind about conveyancer Sydney services, especially if you haven’t had a chance to work with a property lawyer before. Here are a few questions that we think will clear most of your doubts.

We can discuss your matter over the phone, Zoom call, or email, according to your preference. The first meeting need not be face-to-face. But we are always happy to meet in person if that is more convenient.

We advise you on the terms and conditions contained in the contract, settlement periods, deposits, cooling-off periods, and a few other factors. They help us get an idea about the legal status of the property and the vendor.

No. The process is completely online which we think is super quick and efficient.Once the process starts, it is usually complete within half an hour.

While we don’t plan for it and always aim to be ready several days in advance, unexpected delays may arise due to other parties including the bank not being ready. We can assure you that that won’t happen from our end.

We know that you feel excited about getting your hands on the keys to your dream house. You can collect them on the day of the settlement after the agent is notified by both parties.

Yes, you can make a final inspection up to three days before completing the deal. The final inspection takes place with the agent.

Now that you have a thorough idea about what a conveyancer Sydney can do for you, get in touch with us if you want to buy or sell a property. Allow our lawyers to do what they’re best at and handle all of the legal matters.

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