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About Conveyancing in Strathfield.

About Conveyancing in Marrickville.

About Conveyancing in Marrickville.

At Love Homes we are reinventing Conveyancing for our clients. As qualified industry recognised Solicitors, traditional values are important to us, however we are also committed to innovation, continuous professional development and utilising the latest technology available in the market in order to continue to deliver quality of service and value to all our clients.


Conveyancing Services in Strathfield.

Strathfield is one of the most coveted places to live in for both families and professionals, with all the conveniences it offers. Practically 15 to 30 minutes away from Sydney Central Business District (CBD), this suburb is one of the most, if not the most well-located suburbs in Sydney. If you need a conveyancer in Strathfield to buy or sell property, we at Love Homes Conveyancing are here to aid you.

When it comes to connectivity, Strathfield has the best to offer. Strathfield Station has express train lines to the City, and the road network allows you to access the M4 with ease. This suburb is truly the place to live in if one wants to experience Sydney as a whole. Burwood is just over the fence if you want to shop, and professionals working in Rhodes and Macquarie Park are within reach. Families can also enjoy the greenery of the Olympic Park and other facilities without having to go far.

Strathfield is also considered a large “Korean Town” because of the number of Korean residents. However, Strathfield is still statistically dominated by a mix of Chinese and Indian residents. This means that in Strathfield, you have access to Korean, Chinese, and Indian dining! If you’re not up to Asian cuisine, you can go to the City to mix things up.

As for educational institutions, Strathfield has a solid backbone of schools, both public and private, for urban families. These have become increasingly competitive, and you can be assured that children will have quality education.

Speaking of families, while Strathfield has a substantial business and shopping district, Freshwater Park and Strathfield Park are great open areas for the public. They even have playground equipment where both kids and dogs can run and play!

Interested in buying or selling property and need Strathfield conveyancing services? Invest in our services for conveyancing in Strathfield with qualified solicitors to back your real estate sale, purchase or transfer process. We look after your legal interests and ensure the process is transparent and straightforward. 

Our conveyancer in Strathfield is aware of the legal side of real estate property transfers and will guide you through the start to settlement. We work with you to help you capture the best property while we confirm and verify the contract. Our solicitor in Strathfield will help you prepare for the pre-settlement inspections and plenty of time to finalise the settlement and payment.

At Love Homes Conveyancing, your go-to conveyancer in Strathfield, we work together to achieve what is suitable for you. We are your nearest partners for conveyancing in Strathfield, extending our support to nearby suburbs like Lane Cove, Marrickville, Camperdown, Glebe, Wentworth Point, Mortlake, Enmore, and many more.

Our Approach.

Our general service approach is quite simple: to provide our clients with a world class and down-to-earth team of legal professionals that know how to work together, but also with the expertise and skills required to make the conveyancing process a total success for all involved. It is our aim to always operate in an open and honest manner with a ‘partnering’ style approach so we can work together towards finding the best and most cost effective solutions for all your conveyancing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, it is the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another. As qualified conveyancing solicitors, Love Homes Conveyancing is qualified to provide, advise, and fulfil all of the legal, financial, and administrative work involved in conveyancing.

We at Love Homes Conveyancing will ensure that all your legal interests are protected and will identify any issues associated with the property before the purchase or sale anywhere in Strathfield.

The Strathfield conveyancing process involves four primary steps:

  • Pre-contract – the sellers’ conveyancer prepares a detailed contract for the property’s sale. It includes all of the required information and disclosures, including the title reference, plan of the land, and other information needed to transfer title to the property.
  • Exchange – in a property transaction, two identical copies of the contract are made which the buyer and seller each sign and then exchange (literally ‘swap’) the contracts. The buyer must also pay a deposit. The contract records the final terms of the agreement, after this no further amendments can be made.
  • Pre-settlement inspection – The buyer has the right to inspect the property before settlement to ensure the property is exactly the same as when they first inspected it. Meantime, the buyer’s conveyancers prepare the final financial figures and share this with all parties, including the banks.
  • Settlement – The final stage of conveyancing wherein your Strathfield conveyancing solicitors ensures the correct amount of money is paid to the seller, and the buyer takes possession of the property.

If you ask for an estimated figure, depending on the property, it can vary between $900 to $6000 AUD. This price varies according to the type of property involved, fees charged by different authorities, and professional, legal, and disbursement costs. 

Love Homes Conveyancing offers a standard and transparent cost structure that keeps you aware and informed. You can make sure that you are not paying unnecessary costs, and that you’ll know upfront how much you’ll need to pay.

If you are looking for a Strathfield conveyancing company that works together with you to find the best solution to your conveyancing needs, we think you have reached the right place. At Love Homes Conveyancing we are legal professional property specialists, who make the process simple and straightforward for our clients without the legal jargon.

Our conveyancing services in Strathfield are cost-effective with an emphasis on high-value client service.

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