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About Conveyancing in Bondi.

About Conveyancing in Marrickville.

About Conveyancing in Marrickville.

At Love Homes we are reinventing Conveyancing for our clients. As qualified industry recognised Solicitors, traditional values are important to us, however we are also committed to innovation, continuous professional development and utilising the latest technology available in the market in order to continue to deliver quality of service and value to all our clients.


Conveyancing Services in Bondi.

Nothing encapsulates the Sydney beach experience more than Australia’s most famous beach: Bondi Beach. Do you love going out onto the sandy shores to bask in the sun with family and friends? Then you’ll love having the luxury of being mere minutes away from it.

Located just 7 km east of Sydney’s CBD, Bondi is prime real estate directly overlooking the South Pacific Ocean; every sea lover’s dream. Bondi is also easily accessible to and from the city centre, via either the express bus service or the train.

Choices are diverse and cater to your specific needs. The Bondi Beach suburb offers a direct view of the popular beach, as well as near-instant access to the shores for your sea-bathing and sun-soaking activities. Right next to it are the various other suburban areas within Bondi that can appeal to different walks of life, from the working professional to the family man. Just pick any of these neighbouring areas and Love Homes Conveyancing can assist you with all conveyancing solutions in Bondi.

As a reputed conveyancer in Bondi, we are well aware of the legal requirements revolving around property transfers and sales. Our team offering conveyancing solutions in Bondi Junction will work closely with you to ensure that you know what the processes of conveyancing in Bondi are and that they are thoroughly understood.

Will Bondi be your next home destination? Love Homes offers Bondi conveyancing expertise and can guide you in your search for the next real estate in Bondi or neighbouring suburbs like Waverley, Dover Heights, or Bellevue Hill.

Our Approach.

Our general service approach is quite simple: to provide our clients with a world class and down-to-earth team of legal professionals that know how to work together, but also with the expertise and skills required to make the conveyancing process a total success for all involved. It is our aim to always operate in an open and honest manner with a ‘partnering’ style approach so we can work together towards finding the best and most cost effective solutions for all your conveyancing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because we are specialists, our conveyancers are innately aware of the legal processes involved in real estate property transactions.  This means we can quickly turnaround contracts and advice to ensure that your needs are efficiently taken care of and that you have the best opportunity to grab that ideal property.. 

Conveyancing deals mostly in the transfer of property through the sale from one owner to another. These transactions mean a hefty amount of paperwork that needs to be read, understood, and finally signed. Our role is is to walk you through the legal process, so you don’t have to spend too much time sifting through the legal jargon and technicalities and have more time to spend on inspections and touring the property. 

Scheduled inspection times are usually the only times available to view a property.  This can mean you have a very limited short time and are there with everyone else that has also turned up.   Clients are encouraged to take a look at the property a number of times before sealing the deal. This allows you to take in the place’s feel and ensure that you want what you are buying

A real estate agent is more of a matchmaker between seller and buyer and to sell the property for the best possible price, a conveyancer on the other hand is there to ensure that the contract accurately reflects the agreed bargain. . Conveyancers also deal more with the legal nuances of property transfer. These include checking property titles, verification of documents, and checking for any issues that might be tied with the property. 

Love Homes Conveyancing deals with many suburbs surrounding the Sydney CBD, including Bondi, Lane Cove, Marrickville, Dover Heights, and many more. Our conveyancers are specialists in property transactions and will be able to help you in your search for an ideal home. Whether it be an apartment or a house, we’ve got you covered.

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